Career Coaching Packages

Short-term Career Coaching Packages

Sometimes clients need help in a specific area such as building their confidence, practicing their interviewing techniques or simply need a more powerful resume or Linkedin profile. We can help with any of those things and we have shorter packages that don’t lock you into a long-term contract or a major time commitment.

Our Career Coaching packages can be short-term or long-term, it’s your career journey. We’re here to provide our expertise to guide you, share resources.  We won’t tell you what to do but we will give you honest feedback to support you along the way and help you land your next job.

Our philosophy is all about teaching you to fish, not simply feeding you for a day. We provide guidance on your career journey but we don’t tell you what to do.

We believe in taking time to learn a lot about you so we can understand your career goals and help you achieve them.  We coach YOU on the secrets to developing an effective job search strategy.

We can help you to develop an effective resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. If you need some assistance with sharpening your interviewing skills or negotiating strategy.

Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out your career path or next move. We can help with that too!

Depending on which package you choose, you’ll meet with Coach Chris for a one 60-90 Minute assessment and then up to four 60-minute laser Coaching sessions that only focus on a particular aspect of your career.

We offer a variety of packages to fit your career needs and are usually conducted via internet or phone.

Choose just one package or bundle them together for a discount.

Discover Your Career Path ~ Find Your Niche

Are you still trying to decide what you want to be when you grow up ~ and now you’re over 30?

Maybe you want to change careers but you’re unsure of  where to start? This package includes a very different type of career assessment that uses visual tools instead of text to help you sort out your career interests. We’ll also help you explore your options and gain clarity on your career path.

You’ll gain an understanding of what’s been holding you back and an action plan to help you achieve the results you desire! You’ll feel motivated and inspired to live your best life and find a career path that fits you perfectly.

Personal Branding ~ Get Help With Your Resume

What story does your resume or LinkedIn profile say about who you are and your skills and experience?

How do recruiters and hiring managers determine if you’re a great fit for a position?

You tell them!

When someone reads your resume, cover letter, LinkedIn profile or any other personal branding tool, they are looking for particular information.

It’s through YOUR messaging that either sparks an interest enough for them to contact you – or they move on to the next resume or profile.

Messaging that conveys what they’re looking for is tricky business. When your resume isn’t formatted correctly or expressed the correct key words it usually goes into the black hole of the internet instead of in the hands of a human.

We have reviewed and edited hundreds of resumes and know what works and what doesn’t!

We don’t just send you a bunch of forms and then write your resume for you. We help you to think a little differently about your career, what you want and don’t want and then help you strategize a plan that aligns your resume with the direction you want your career to move in. You’ll have a great targeted resume that gets past those pesky Applicant Tracking Systems, (ATS) and into the hands of human.

This package is all about the written word and how you show up in your resume, cover letters and LinkedIn profile. We work with you to help you stand out from the crowd. You’ll end up with a master resume as well as one that can be tailored for particular jobs. You can also add a cover letter template that you can easily tweak for each job as well as a stronger LinkedIn profile including a great summary that is as individual as you are.

The Graduate

Have a recent graduate in your life? Why not give them the gift of success?

This package is designed for the individual that has little to no experience in the job market and needs some guidance on everything from how to write a resume,  cover letter, and the do’s and don’ts for successful interviewing. Coach Chris’ background as a Career Counselor in a university has given her an understanding on the needs of students and recent grads.

Best Job Search Strategies

If it’s been years since you last went on an interview or even applied for a job either because you’ve been out of the workforce for an extended period of time while raising your family, caring for an elderly relative or simply because you’ve worked for the same company for the past twenty or thirty years and know it’s time for a change. This package will teach you what you need to know about job boards, networking and even how to reach the hidden job market.

Get Back In The Game (Re-enter The Workforce)

Have you been out of the workforce for an extended period of time?

If it’s been years since you last went on an interview or even applied for a job. Maybe you’ve been a trailing spouse, busy raising your family, caring for an elderly relative or simply because you’ve worked for the same company for the past twenty or thirty years and know it’s time for a change. This package will teach you the necessary skills for  a new job search strategy and how to reframe your past experience to show your value to employers.

Enhance Your Interviewing Skills

Do you freeze when an interviewer asks you, “So, tell me about yourself”?

Do you know what you should never bring up in an interview? Knowow to weave in your strengths without appearing to boast or brag? With this package, you’ll  learn how to successfully answer questions that show your best qualities as well as the questions that you should be asking during the interview. We’ll also cover tricks on how to make a great first impression.

Salary & Benefits Negotiations

Tired of not getting paid what you’re worth?

Whether you are in the midst of a job offer and want to ensure that you get the best salary and benefit package, concerned about leaving  anything on the negotiation table, or just know that it’s long past time for a raise but you’re unsure how to approach your boss ~ this package is worth its weight in gold ~ or maybe bitcoin.

Laser Coaching: One 90 Minute Session – $175

Do you have a dilemma or a problem that you need some help with? Not sure if you should enter a business partnership, accept a job offer, or even a marriage proposal? If you need a sounding board or a brainstorming partner, Coach Chris is an expert at helping clients sift through their options, gain clarity and make a decision.

Career Coaching Longer Packages ~12 Sessions Over Four Months

These packages start with one 90-minute intake assessment and include three 60-minute Career Coaching Sessions per month for four months.
Coach Chris will guide, mentor, motivate and inspire you to think deeply about your career and your life.
She will encourage you to do the research, planning and actions that are needed and stretch you to reach your goals.
Coaching with Chris is a collaborative undertaking and she will assist you with the following as needed: