Non-Profit Programs & Training

Coach Chris Pallotti

Experience Working with Non-Profits

Chris has over twenty years’ experience working with and also running successful non-profits.

The organization she ran from its early start-up days she also guided to become one of the top affiliates in the country in a few short years. She has been both staff, as project coordinator and executive director of a nonprofit, as well as Board member and committee chair of another nonprofit organization, helping to raise 6 million dollars for their Capital Campaign to renovate their new headquarters.

In addition, she has planned and managed many fund-raisers for a wide variety of nonprofits and political organizations from The Coalition to end homelessness to the Traumatic Brain Injury Association. She presently runs a weekly workshop that she created for a Hartford-area prison called “Life Reinvention” to help inmates prepare for reentry once they are released.

Fees are project based and may be presented after initial discovery and needs assessment.

Platform to Employment & Work with Veterans

Chris’ training and nonprofit background includes providing training for a nationally recognized program called Platform to Employment (P2E) that helps the long-term unemployed get back to work. Most recently she facilitated career services training for long-term unemployed Veterans for P2E. With a success rate of 85% of the people finding jobs P2E has been cited by the White House as a model program as well as featured on the show “60 Minutes”.