“At a time in my life where I most needed to find a new direction, working with Chris was just the right answer. Her coaching helped me stay on task, be accountable for my own progress and, most importantly, be true to myself. We all need a vision that aligns with our values and propels us forward. With Chris, I am now clear on what my vision is!”

– Evelyn Mantilla



“Chris… does what I like to call Laser Coaching. Within ten minutes she listened, sorted, clarified and delivered to me the most important items for me to negotiate in an important consulting engagement. It was miraculous and completely on target.”

– Bill Paglia-Scheff





“I can really say this was one of the best experiences in my life. I would leave each session rejuvenated and excited to implement what I learned. She gave me tools to build my self-confidence, self worth and provide me with clarity, which I am able to use at work, at home and in a relationship.”

– Hilary Cantone



“Empowering! After my first session with Chris my vision and ambitions were sharpened from her insights. Pursuing my health-related educational goals, I have even more enthusiasm for the next steps. Chris’ made the experience engaging and fun. It was truly a synergistic experience.”

– Linda Christensen



“… she has been an inspirational voice in my life since our very first meeting. Chris possesses one of the greatest gifts one could have, the power to listen. Much of the credit for my accomplishments is due to Chris Pallotti and I recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in life or business.”

– José Javier Garcia