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Why Should You Work With Strategic Life Plans?

At Strategic Life Plans, we partner with our clients to inspire them to think differently to maximize their personal and professional potential. We help them explore their options and use their natural gifts by figuring out what they do best and what they love to do. Once we determine their goals, we work with them to develop a plan, get into action and achieve success.

Who Do We Coach?

We coach people just like you! If you’re like many of our clients, you’re stuck in a job or career that you hate and can’t figure out how to get out of it. You have lots of skills and talents, although you often discount them. “Oh, anyone can do that,” is a phrase that you repeat often. You want to help people and use your unique gifts to make the world a better place.

Maybe you would like to move from the corporate world—where you have an established career—into the nonprofit world, but have no experience; only a desire to help and be of service.

Perhaps you’ve been raising a family for several years and now want to work outside of the home, but you’re not sure where to start?

Maybe you’ve thought about starting a business, you have an idea and maybe some savings to invest, but fear of making a mistake or not knowing where to start keeps you paralyzed.

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, coaching can help you climb the hurdles that you face and get results. If you want to find a more challenging or meaningful job, change your career path, start a business, enhance an existing business, improve your professional skills within your industry, or make money doing what you love, then coaching is for you.