Love your Career, Achieve your Financial Goals

At Strategic Life Plans, we believe that you can have a career that you love and still reach your financial goals. We know that your life experience and lessons are an important part of who you are. We’ll help you connect the dots, discover your dreams and achieve your goals.

Discover your Authentic Dreams

Our job is to help nudge you out of your comfort zone. Clients often remark that our feedback “hits the nail on the head.” Maybe it’s because we listen for what’s not being said, as well as what is said.

Our down-to-earth approach to coaching clients is a rich blend of guiding, mentoring and teaching. We listen for the subtle clues to uncover what you really want – but may be afraid to pursue. Our goal is to inspire you to be authentic and courageous, and to use your imagination to see the world from a completely different perspective. From that vantage point, anything is possible!

Don’t wait to discover your dreams, find the career you’ve always wanted and live the life that you deserve.
make brave career choices

Find your Brave

We are committed to making the world better as well as using our professional coaching skills, past experience and talents to help people fulfill their potential ~ in any and every situation.

Strategic Life Plans has even taken on the challenging work of helping men in a Connecticut prison prepare for reentry into their communities and the workforce. That should tell you something about our approach!

We don’t shy away from tough clients. In addition to assisting clients through career transitions and business start-up and development, we have experienced great success with people in recovery as well. Our work has also helped mid-level managers and executives to overcome career struggles from white collar crimes in their past.

Our broad range of experience also includes helping non-profit organizations develop and implement reentry and training programs for long-term unemployed and veterans.



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